How responsive should your realtor be

Have you ever been in a situation where you called a realtor in Jacksonville, Florida, and never got a response? Maybe you sent a follow-up email and you didn’t even receive an automated “I am busy with other clients, I will get to you as soon as I can.” It can be frustrating when a realtor is non-responsive. On the other hand, no one should expect any realtor to be on call 24/7, even the best realtor jacksonville fl. So, how responsive should your realtor be?

At Anabasis Realty, we hit the perfect balance of always being available when it is critical for our clients. In this article, we are going to share some expectations you should have when wondering about the response time of your realtor.

How Responsive Should Your Realtor Be to Phone Calls?

This is obvious unless a realtor is in a meeting with a client or other work-related appointments, all realtors should be expected to pick up phone calls during standard business hours in northeastern Florida. However, during busy days when realtors are out showing houses, they may also decide to time block. This is when they set up a few hours every day to accept phone calls, e.g., 10 am to 2 pm. Good realtors will always alert their clients if they are time-blocking their schedules.

Occasionally, a phone call or voice mail may not reach your realtor due to service shortages. If you are uncertain of your call, try another channel, such as emailing or texting, if your realtor doesn’t respond in a timely manner to a phone call.

How Responsive Should Your Realtor Be to Emails?

Emails have a longer response time then phone calls. If your realtor is meeting with clients, showing houses, and taking phone calls all in one day, they may not be able to respond to any emails until the end of the day. Sometimes realtors may choose to answer all the previous days emails at the start of the new business day. Others may answer sporadically throughout the day. It comes down to the preference of the Jacksonville realtor.

As a rule of thumb, you should expect a response anywhere from a few hours to a full business day. After 24 hours, if you haven’t even received an email saying something like, “I will get back to you soon,” the responsiveness of that realtor is low.

How Responsive Should Your Realtor Be to Text Messages?

Texting expectations vary from realtor to realtor in Jacksonville. You should probably set those expectations individually when you first meet with your realtor. However, the standard recommendation is to only send text messages when arranging to meet at a location or when immediate responsiveness is required such as a time change to an appointment because you are running late. Otherwise, email is the better mode of communication.

If you’re only using text messages for this quick and urgent type of communication, you can expect an answer within 15 minutes. However, if you and your realtor agree to use text messaging for other types of communication, response times will vary.

In General, How Responsive Should Your Realtor Be?

Usually, the standard responsiveness is a couple of hours. However, you should always check in with your realtor for their specific availability. Remember realtors also take vacations and holidays. If you know your realtor’s availability, you will have more success in reaching them quickly and less time spent being frustrated.

Now you are ready to google the best realtors near me to find the most responsive realtors. And after you do, call Bryce Ocepek at Anabasis Realty (904) 351-0765 to connect with some of the best realtors in Jacksonville.

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